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The site where George Floyd was murdered is now an Intersection of Hope

Organic Oneness is honored and grateful to be supporting friends and neighbors in the South Minneapolis neighborhoods where George Floyd lost his life, as they work day and night to create a new reality. An intersection of hope - a convening point for people of different racial backgrounds and belief systems who come to grieve, create and heal.

Youth Community Engagement and Placemaking. Immediately following George Floyd’s murder, a concerned neighbor made a daily commitment to ensuring youth and children had safe, engaging and productive activities available. These activities helped young people feel secure in the midst of the crisis and trauma of all that was happening around them.

Almost two years later they're still going (and growing) strong. Youth from Powderhorn Park, Central, Bryant and Bancroft are stewarding the natural resources of the community, growing veggies & making fresh foods available, beautifying alleyways, engaging in skill-building work - and having fun! Each and every day.

Please consider donating; your one-time donation or a monthly, recurring donation $15 or more will help ensure we are able to continue serving families and youth in South Minneapolis.

Our Food & Supply Pantry was a relief effort after the unrest of summer 2020, when the neighborhood was in need of essential supplies. At the end of February 2022, we are closing the food pantry, after contributing to the health and wellness of hundreds of neighborhood families. Thank you to those who supported the Food Pantry these last two years!