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About Pupil of the Eye and Foundation Hall University

The primary purpose of Pupil of the Eye (POTE) programs is to restore dignity and raise consciousness in people of African descent, designated by Baha'u'llah as 'pupil of the eye' to ARISE, and to inspire them to play their part in eliminating racial prejudice and building a new world order. We create educational programs designed to build relationships with allies (Foundation Hall University), with similarly oppressed peoples (for example our recent (Black and Native Unity) conference, and weekly programs focusing on decolonizing our minds, healing from trauma, and creating safe spaces for teaching black people.

Funds help Barbara Talley with staffing, salaries, conference planning, website development, weekly safe space gatherings, and on-going education at and the soon to be launched, website. This POTE focused website will serve as a hub for connecting, educating, healing, and supporting POTE entrepreneurs.

About Organic Oneness (Fiscal Sponsor)

Organic Oneness is a grassroots, social justice organization that co-creates with communities to mobilize systemic change, healing, and wellness, foregrounding Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We are a Baha'i-inspired educational and community building organization that promotes the oneness of humanity and it's interconnectedness with the environment.

Join us in our mission as we:
  • Build capacity toward racial and environmental justice and healing
  • Build a Fortress of Wellness with caregivers of humanity and stewards of the earth to prevent burn-out and avoid compassion fatigue
  • Leverage relationships to advance communities towards a healthy and peaceful society

To learn more, visit us at: